Implant Before


Implant After


Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth or oldĀ dentures. At All Family Dentistry, if a patient has a tooth that Dr. Allen could not perform a root canal on and the tooth needs to be extracted, this individual may be the perfect candidate for a Fort Collins dental implant. Patients that have lost teeth due to trauma and disease may also consider the benefits of dental implants.

Once a tooth is removed or extracted, there are usually several steps to implementing a Fort Collins dental implant. First, the implant itself is placed into the bone and is allowed to heal. During this healing process, the bone grows around the implant and actually integrates it into the jawbone, making the implant part of it. This is a process that is called Osseointegration. This takes approximately four months in order for it to properly stabilize into the bone. Once it is healed, Dr. Allen is then able to build on top of it by adding an abutment onto the top of the implant. On top of that, a crown is placed to simulate a natural tooth.

At All Family Dentistry, all Fort Collins dental implants are fairly easy to take care of. Their success rate is over 90%. Implants are a permanent fix for missing teeth, and they do not get cavities and are not affected by gum disease. They can also last a lifetime when cared for properly.

Dental implants can also be used in conjunction with dentures. Dentures utilizes gravity, suction, and adhesives in order to stay in place, but dental implants can be used to provide “clips” that allow the dentures to snap into place and have more stability and strength than ever before. Patients who have used dental implants to stabilize dentures love the support they get from an implant-supported denture.

Considering dental implants to replace your old dentures or missing teeth? Dr. Allen can help. Call All Family Dentistry today to schedule a consultation appointment and exam to find out if you are the perfect candidate for Fort Collins dental implants.